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ridgways leather


As a premium leather dresser and leather supplier, we source the finest leather from British and international tanneries and then our team of trained professionals finish it to the standard that you expect. The finished leather can be tailored to every specification that you require. From texture, colour and feel all the way to size and delivery requirements – we've got it covered. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards and providing the most competitive prices.

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Currently, we supply numerous leather goods manufacturers whose products include; handbags, jackets, briefcases, luggage cases, belts, wallets and other high quality accessories. These are then sold to markets across the world. Are you looking for assistance with manufacturing?

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The company has recently acquired a new site based in the beautiful rural countryside of the Teme Valley, Worcestershire. The newly refurbished factory has enabled the business to meet the demands of its recent, rapid growth.

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