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Welcome To The Studio

After years of working with and supplying designers and manufacturers across the world, we have forged relationships with some of the best out there. From individuals crafting in their own workshops all the way to buzzing factories employing hundreds of skilled personnel, we supply across the spectrum.

Trying to find someone to; design a product, someone else to produce it and then sourcing a quality leather supplier can be difficult. The hardest part is trying to co-ordinate all three contractors, which can often prove hugely costly and time intensive, resulting in deadlines being put back or worse still - missed.

Get in touch and let's have a chat about what you want to achieve. 


1. Select the Leather

This is what we do, and know, best. Whether you are using a leather already or just have something in mind - we can advise what is best for your product. We can send you some cuttings in the post for you to assess and inspect, or feel free to drop by our factory and browse the range of leathers we have in stock.


2. Choose a Manufacturer

Selecting an organisation to make your product is as vital as the design itself. We make sure that the quality and ethical standards you expect are met when production is carried out. We only select producers we already work with in order to ensure these standards are achieved.