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Different Cuts Of The Hide

Nearly all of our hides come from cattle and this is the most commonly used leather largely due to its suitability and sustainability. But did you know different parts of a cow hide contain different properties and characteristics? Check out the diagram below which features the main cuts of the hide that can be purchased. Further down we have written a short overview of each cut.




Strong and often thick, with excellent durability, yet flexible too thanks to the necessary movement of the neck and head of the cow.
Average size: 14 – 20ft

Fibres in this part of the hide are tightly packed therefore making it the strongest part of the skin. Commonly used for the likes of saddles and belts where strength is paramount.
Average size: 18 – 25ft

Also known as a ‘half-butt’ - this is what is says on the tin. Many people prefer bends due to their more appropriate size and ease of handling.
Average size: 9 – 12ft

One entire piece that extends from the top of the shoulders all the way down to the lower butt. This does not include the belly and shanks.
Average size:  28 – 45ft

This is effectively one half of the cow hide. Follow the dotted line straight down the middle and look to the left or right – that is the side.
Average size: 18 – 25ft

Formed from the underside and upper legs of the cow which is stretchy by nature. This is due to its loose fibre structure.


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